Welcome!  I've been caring for my friends beloved pets for over 20 years.  I enjoy knowing that their family members are safe & happy while they're away.  Doesn't every pet and their people deserve that?  Yes, they do!  And that's why I decided to offer my services to everyone!  I take great personal pride in caring for your pets properly.  With a lot of love and attention. 

 I've cared for pets my entire life. I've never been without an animal of some kind! Over the years, I've cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, mice/rats, fish, small birds, snakes, lizards & horses.  It has all been wonderful!

So why don't you give me a call.  Let me take great care of your beloved family members while you're away.

Because, it's for your pets comfort & your peace of mind.

I know just how much you love your dog, and with me they'll be treated like royalty every time. Even if it's just a short visit. 



Donna's Creature Comfort

For Your Pets Comfort & Your Peace of Mind

Your pet is family 

Wondering what to do with your favorite octopus? Well fret no more friends, because I've got all of your pet-sitting needs taken care of with my years of experience! 


Your bird's special and I understand just how much you want your bird to feel at home in their own home. I regularly take care of Pepe (above) throughout the year and am well seasoned with birds! 

And other animals too!