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Donna's Creature Comfort

I stay at your house ~ A huge benefit to your pet by not taking them somewhere unfamiliar (very stressful!)
Walking & playing & light grooming
Vet appointments included, if necessary
Will administer any medication/vitamins your pets may require
Pick up after your pets 
Park visits for your dog(s) (if well behaved), upon your approval
Any small household chores are included: Pick up mail/newspaper; water plants; take out trash bins

Overnight: Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, other small  critters: 
1 pet = $40/day
(Nov. 20 - 30 & Dec. 10 - Jan. 4 = $50/day)
2 pets = $55/day 
(Nov. 20 - 30 & Dec. 10 - Jan. 4 = $70/day)
3 pets = $80/day 
(Nov. 20 - 30 & Dec. 10 - Jan. 4 = $90/day)
More than 3 pets = Negotiable

If I have not listed your particular pet here, contact me anyway. 
I know that many people have several different kinds of pets & prices can be negotiable depending on your situation. 
Please Note: There is a non-refundable deposit of $50 required for all holiday dates.